About the Kannabase Project

Welcome to the Kannabase.com website. Initially developed as a personal project to create a database of strain information for use in an indoor garden tracking application (now available as Herb Tracker) I have decided to open this database to the public upon the launch of the approved OSX app in May of 2016.

I hope this will become a valuable resource for legal cannabis growers everywhere. While still in its early stages, this site will continue to evolve and improve over time with new strains added weekly. I hope you find this information helpful and consider becoming a member or contributor to improve the information presented.

About the Kannabase Data

The information on this site is provided as-is and will likely never be complete or accurate in all situations. We relied on sources like Leafly.com* and Seedfinder.eu for some of the initial grow information currently included in the Kannabase. Click here to suggest a change.

*For the convenience of our visitors we have adopted the Leafly "initials" where possible for strains that are included on their site.